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The steampunk taser crossbow was designed by MythBusters (2003) Adam Savage. At the end of production, Max Landis sent him a hero prop version as payment.
When Dirk first introduces himself to Todd, Todd asks him if he has ever successfully solved a case. Dirk mentions there was one involving Thor and another involving a sofa. These are references to major plot points in the second and first Dirk Gently books respectively.
The show was shot almost entirely in Vancouver, British Columbia. This is most notable in the early episodes. For instance, Todd's apartment and all the scenes surrounding it were filmed on the corner of Guelph and Broadway in the late summer of 2016.
In the driving scene in the first episode, Dirk and Todd almost run over a man in the middle of the road. If you look closely, this man is actually Gordon Rimmer and this is his first appearance.
In the 2007 radio theatre adaptation of the book, Richard, the reluctant assistant of Dirk corresponding to the series' Todd, is voiced by Billy Boyd, famous for playing hobbit Peregrin Took ("Pippin") in the Lord of the Rings movies, where Elijah Wood (Todd) played Frodo Baggins.
Dirk Gently's name - and by extension the title - is a pun. A dirk was a long dagger and in the 19th century "to dirk" meant "to stab". There is no interaction involving a dirk which may be considered gentle.
There are two references to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, who also wrote the Dirk Gently books: The Rowdy 3 consists of 4 members, 5 when Amanda joins them. This is reminiscent of when So Long and Thanks for All the Fish was called "the fourth book in the Hitchiker's Trilogy" and the next book, Mostly Harmless was called "the fifth book in the increasingly inaccurately named Hitchhiker's Trilogy." In the second season, the Boretons had a dog named Agrajag. Agrajag was the name of a constantly reincarnating creature who coincidentally gets killed by Arthur Dent every time he comes back in the third book, Life, the Universe, and Everything.
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Based on the Douglas Adams novel series of the same name.
Before taking on Mr. Priest, Max Landis suggested Alan Tudyk watch Michael Moriarty as David Rutherford in The Stuff (1985) for inspiration. As seen on The IMDb Show (2017).
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The title of each episode is said within the episode
The code names the military uses for the Project Black Wing subjects seem to be quite literal. The Rowdy 3 are energy vampires who are designated Project Incubus. Dirk Gently is Project Icarus, and his special ability seems to be getting in over his head, because he charges into situations completely unprepared.
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Much of the show was shot within the 5 blocks of Broadway - between Guelph & Main in Vancouver, BC. This includes Mt. Pleasant Elementary on whose grounds is found Zachariah Webb/Patrick Spring's lab/Infinite Energy Device/Time Machine/Body-Swapping Gizmo.
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During the bridge scene, Samuel Barnett dislocated his right shoulder. Because of this, he keeps his right arm very still in certain scenes through episode 1, 2 and 3. He also had to get a stunt double while filming the fight scene between Dirk and Todd at Todd's apartment.
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