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katysuarez30 August 2015
As a native Colombian, born and raised in Medellin (in 1975) and victim myself of the Pablo Escobar era, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the show!!! I thought it was going to be another bad gringo movie about Colombia with lots of mistakes and not even Colombian landscapes in the background but, I WAS WRONG!!!! Very good actors too, I didn't like Escobar accent since it's not real Paisa accent but it's OK; it will go unnoticed to non- native Colombians ;)

Good Job Netflix!! Sksjdjdjdufirjfjfifrior difjrirjfjfkririfrjrjrkf. That's all I had to say

Catalina Suárez
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Netflix To The Rescue
Michael Radny29 August 2015
Incidentally, I saw an ad for Narco on YouTube, and instead of skipping the ads like I normally do, I played this one out because I was genuinely excited for what I was watching. Instantly I jumped onto Netflix and I was not disappointed. This is a truly gripping show, one of the best I've seen this year. The characters and acting are done well and the storyline moves at a fast enough pace to get your adrenalin pumping for the whole episode. My only fear was that it would be too generic of a Crime drama, but those feelings were quickly swept away. This is truly an original and thoroughly planned out TV show with a whole lot of heart.

Maybe the best on Netflix at the moment. Narco doesn't disappoint with any aspect of the show. It's exciting and fast paced, but above all, it makes you want to keep coming back for more.
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Fantastic production, we are living in the golden age of series
johmil-1837429 August 2015
This is such a quality production. Its cinema quality in every aspect. I've seen two episodes so far but if this show keep this up I give it an even higher grade. Netflix is now really starting to compete with HBO and this is much better than Netflix anchor House of Cards for example.

Now I don't like shows that glorify and make the criminals heroes, but I don't think this series does that. Escobar is a ruthless person but still his a family man in some ways. Whats good with Narcos is that it portrays both side of the law. If it would only show it from Pablos perspective it wouldn't be as interesting.

This is a very classy production. Everything from the DEA-detective who is the narrative voice to the quality of the camera work. The actors are spot on and the scenes are amazing. I nearly feel that I'm in the Colombian jungle and the hot humid air touches me through the screen.

I just love series nowadays. You can transport you self to nearly every situation of life and follow character for a long time. And they really use the advantages of series if you compare it to film.
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It's going to be ''The Hit'' . Beautiful after 3 episodes .
Ahmed Hassan29 August 2015
It's beautiful , this's the way TV-series should be directed and produced, i loved the fast pace of the series from the first minute till now i haven't skipped anything or felt bored.

The narration way of the story from the first beginning adds another depth to the story.

It shows you scenes from the future then gets to the present to elaborate how we reached that point .

The cast is great , probably you haven't seen anyone of them before , but sure as hell they can act , they are able to deliver the feeling they have so you can interact with them .

Simply , a masterpiece .

P.S : Netflix has always been picky about its series, that''s why it's my favorite network.
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How to do Television right.
winickj-797-8091528 August 2015
Since movies have become nothing but shoot-em-ups and comic books television has emerged as the way to get great drama to adults.

Narcos is a tale that everyone knows today, but the storytelling of this series is done with great visuals, interesting casting and a storytelling format which I love.

Using the protagonist as the voice over narrator gives this series the feel of Goodfellas or Casino (two of my favourite movies by the way).

Its extremely watchable and kept my attention the whole time. The scene with Pablo Escobar on the bridge was stunning.

A worthwhile watch, if you have interests in things other than comic books.
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Dark, Real Insight, Mesmerising performance from Wagner Moura.
Marios Hadjigeorgiou28 August 2015
Alright so, when it comes to drug related TV Shows which almost always include the DEA, the first thing that comes to mind is Breaking Bad and The Wire.

Needless to say, while preparing to start up the pilot, I continuously tried to imagine how can this series give us something original or even something that will make us say "Hey, this isn't a cheap knock off of something." Well. I was profoundly surprised. Netflix has done it again.

They managed to present the show in a way that includes every positive aspect of the two aforementioned series. It has the darkness of Breaking Bad, the intensity and the smart writing while also maintaining the thoroughness of The Wire in the sense that we get to see both sides of the drug trade, the clichés and even the everyday life that surrounds it.

The narrative style also gives it a different aspect which helps the viewer engage in a more positive way. The cast seems to be very specifically chosen since the roles don't even make you question the legitimacy of the actors.

I would say that this looks promising although I am yet to finish the series to be able to give my final word.

Definitely a series you should watch if you are into this kind of thing.

Kudos again, Netflix.
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Tomaz Adour28 August 2015
Having seen all Padilha movies, I was anxious to see this new Netflix series and had great expectations. He did it again. I cannot stop watching. One episode after another. OK if the cast is not Colombian. But they are all good actors and play the parts very well. I will try to finish this weekend all the episodes but i think there will be more seasons. Best series of the year so far. The action is great. The scenarios are perfect. The 1980's atmosphere is awesome. 10 out 0f 10. I hope they will make more series like that in the future. Good real stories and perfect action and direction. I could not expect less from Padilha.
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The Incredible Story of Pablo Escobar
Ahmet Kozan1 April 2016
Narcos is an American crime thriller television series. Narcos is an intriguing and entertaining series. Netflix again done a very good job. Season 1 tells the true story of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine, while also focusing on Escobar's interactions with drug lords. This is a massive story.

Escobar's life has attracted my attention too. I watched many videos and read books about Escobar's life. The show educates you on the Medellin Cartel and it is a very interesting topic to learn about. Pablo Escobar had much more influence on the political system than i would expected. This series has added a lot to me about it. Wagner Moura is an excellent actor and he learned Spanish just for the Pablo Escobar's role. He was born for this role. The bilingual dialogue adds a new layer of authenticity to the project and shows it's commitment with the original story. The long and often complicated story of Pablo Escobar is portrayed simple and effective for viewers not to get lost in what is going on.

Congrats to Netflix for such a powerful, incredible production. I would recommend this show to all my friends and anyone looking for a great show to watch. This is one of the best shows I've seen in a while. Can't wait for the next season to come out! 10/10
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Season 3: Again a Magnificent, Heart-Wrenching Production
escctrlshift1 September 2017
Many Colombians will object to this series, because it draws so much attention to an aspect of their culture of which most of them are not proud. The reality is, society-connected Colombians of a certain age all know someone personally that profited from the drug trade. Most folks I knew there brushed elbows with someone famous from Cali, at some point. It was a talking point back then, but maybe not now.

The first episode of season three should put things in perspective for everyone who might still feel beguiled by the relatively sanitary reputation of Cali's cartel. The final scenes of the episode drive home once again the basic point of the series, which is, these were brutal, deadly efficient criminals on a scale that utterly dwarfs anything ever seen in the U.S.

In Cali, they did it in style, as much as or more than any Stateside mafiosi ever did. And that, like it or not mis queridos amigos Colombianos, makes for an unforgettable story -- rich people with not much compassion and a lot of material pretense, but well-polished at some level, akin to the decent rich folks in the same social class, but much, much richer.

Thematically speaking, this is just another chapter in the history of American colonialism, but one that speaks powerfully to the personal experience of many. The scenes from this series powerfully evoke memories of what it was like to travel in Colombia in the 90's, when every airport lobby was haunted by one or two sicarios en route to their next job. They were not hard to spot.

The casting, locations, soundtrack, writing, acting, direction -- even the lighting, which captures so well the look and feel of Colombian home architecture -- are all superb. Te extrano Colombia -- but not your miseries. Folks should know Colombia now is, in a great many places, a booming middle-class haven of opportunity, as such a naturally wealthy country should be.
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Colombian accent? Gimme a break.
xaelbraga-9238130 August 2015
TO all Colombians complaining of Moura's accent: get a life. Did you really expect all of the guys to be playing their characters with perfect accents? I'll give you a tip: this show wasn't made for Colombian audience, but for worldwide audience. And they sound great to me :-) The portrait of Medellin seems quite good, and the only reason I'm not giving 10 stars is Murphy's annoying voice narrating even the simplest events, like if we couldn't see it. Pascal, Padilha and Moura did a great job, but all the actors playing small characters were also good. If you like History, DOcumentaries, series and besides all, a little bit violence, then, you're gonna love Narcos.
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A reason to subscribe to Netflix
paul_marston31 August 2015
There are very few series that deserve to be considered great. This could well be up there.

It's based on the true story of Pablo Escobar. I don't know how accurate it really is, but at the very least it FEELS 100% accurate.

The series hasn't gone down the English with columbian accents route, they have used Spanish with subtitles. For me it just adds to the authenticity of the series! Pablo's part is played effortlessly by the Brazillian actor Wagner Moura. He seems born to play the part! It has gone down the scorsese / goodfellas narrative approach. So if you don't like that style, you will be disappointed! If you are looking for a well researched authentic look into the life and deeds of the most notorious of the columbian drug lords - THIS IS IT! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (It get's a 9 because NO series can ever be perfect!)
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Netflix Has Yet Another Triumph
Leftbanker29 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
At one point in Episode 7 the new president of Colombia says to a group of US officials trying to have him accept more aid to hunt Escobar, "660 tons of cocaine were consumed in the United States last year. Perhaps if your resources were focused at home we'd all be better off."

Can I get an Amen? He hits the bullseye.

Netflix gives us yet another reason to stay out of the cine multiplex with this slightly fictionalized but excellent new series. It takes most of the pertinent action right out of the history from this sad era of Colombian (and American) history. Filmed entirely on location in Colombia and with a good 50% of the dialogue in Spanish this series aims to be as real as possible. The story also colors way outside the lines of the Manichean version of the Drug War most Americans have swallowed hook, line, and sinker since Uncle Ronnie started feeding it to us back in his presidency.

In the role of Pablo Escobar is Wagner Moura who actually had to learn Spanish to play the part. I wish that he would send his Spanish teacher over here to teach me because he speaks it very well. I'm sure native Colombians can tell that he's not one of them but I can't. Besides that he is a dead ringer (pardon the expression) for Pablo.

Unflinchingly brutal and set at a desperate pace this is one of the best crime dramas I've seen in a long time. This series reminds me of the two great novels of Don Winslow which chronicle the Mexican cartels, The Power of the Dog and The Cartel. The structure is almost like a documentary in concept with a voice-over by one of the principal DEA agents on the scene. I am only a few episodes into this and already hoping for another season—a very high compliment.

This series is vastly superior to the Benicio del Toro Escobar film which was pretty awful. Movies can't hold a candle to the best series. There is no way to tell this story in a 90 minute movie. Great job, Netflix!

Season 2

Is it just me or was Season 2 almost completely in Spanish? Granted, the Spanish they speak was difficult for me to understand at times but I just wonder how most of the American public feels about seeing a series in which they are almost entirely dependent on reading subtitles. I think Americans are getting more and more sophisticated in their tastes and any series in which Pablo Escobar speaks English would just be phony and stupid.

I thought the directors relied too much on music montage scenes that just took up a lot of time without adding much to the story. It just seems like an unoriginal cliché. The show worked best when they followed the real historic events of the story and when they delved into pure fiction it was much less compelling.

There was way too much of his wife and kids in the second season. I get it; Pablo was a family guy. That doesn't mean you need to have scene after scene of him playing with his kids or talking to his half-wit wife. Why should we care about the family of a monster who blew up airliners and placed horrifically powerful bombs on crowded city streets? We don't. Los Pepes should have killed them all, including his mother. There were much bigger things in the picture that could have been discussed.

I loved the CIA guy and his role in the story. He was creepy as well as totally believable for his part.

In the end you have to realize that the United States' effort in Colombia amounted to doodly squat. All we really did was to fan a drug war that took the lives of perhaps thousands of people, either guilty of some infraction or completely innocent. The two DEA agents seemed barely competent to do their jobs, whatever their jobs were. At least they alluded to this in the final scene. "The king is dead; long live the kings!"


Almost binged it and I have to say this Season 3 is the best of the three by far. It's more layered and has better characters. Seasons 1 & 2 had Pablo and I really like the actor but this I never liked the gringo DEA guy much. This story is more complicated as well. I also think they make good use of their time. I love the fact that it's only 10 episodes and we can expect some sort of resolution (I hope so) at the end.

Each episode is skillfully crafted to contain a single story and then leave you practically begging for the next installment. Overall this storyline is a lot more interesting than the two previous season involving Pablo Escobar. Who needs Pablo?

The violence is chilling to the core because it is handed out sparingly, at least at first. How many people have died so that Americans can use cocaine? Half a million people? More? A lot more?
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Ljubomir Paparov29 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched the first three episodes of this new Netflix series and it is just awesome. The vintage 80's charm plus the good acting and the amazing story line will keep your attention like a fast paced action or thriller movie.

It all begins as a one person who is supposes to be killed in Chile somehow survives a firing squad and goes to Columbia to offer his new product cocaine to the trafficking lord Pablo Escobar to sell it in Latin America. Escobar accepts the offer but moves the product to the USA where the price is higher. On the other side of the law in this series is USA DEA agent Murphy who is a young, dedicated and smart and he fights the new war on drugs in the USA and Columbia helped by a local man Javier Pena played by the one and only Oberyn Martell (GoT fans will understand).
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What a treat, Qué lujo
haseeb-riaz8817 September 2017
After the charismatic performance by Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar and the story of Pablo Escobar itself, we thought Narcos will find tough time finding the same quality of story.

But no, we were totally surprised, if you are looking for serene intrigue and suspense and well played action, you will not be disappointed. The performance by every cast member was amazing, led by Pedro Pascal (although we missed his partner DEA agent) and all four Godfathers of Cali cartel.

So hell yeah, Narcos is back with a bang.
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Jose Padilha is back baby
Omar Bartolomais28 August 2015
When Padilha bring to us Robocop reboot I was really sad to see one of the greatest mind in show business just vanish. I recently see a interview when he move out to Los Angeles, because Brazil become dangerous to he an his family, consequence of his movies about dirt Brazilian cops, and he have been attack on his studio back in Rio De Janeiro, and now I see he was right, he did again, the great Jose Padilhais back. I love Wagner Moura, and all the scenes of Pablo Escobar is just amazing. Resuming, this series is solid, just another Breaking Badlike, but with new stuff and Padilha's scenes, AMAZING! Jus watch this amazing show, too realistic and fun...
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"Blow"n Away !!!
Anton-mans15 September 2017
This series is captivating, dark, intense, addictive and I can't wait for season 4! Breaking Bad is the best series ever but Narcos is more real and almost as good. It's just getting better and better.

Love the way how they focus on the finer details, it's perfect. Amazing and a highly recommend it.
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Narcos Review
sevalunsan7 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The first season and the second season have focused on the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar and Medillin Cartel. It was a bit difficult to get used to Narcos without Pablo Escobar, but especially after episode 5, the series went crazy. Apart from Escobar, Steve Murphy does not exist, I do not know why, but Javier Pena is closing this gap very well. The most hated character of season 3 was undoubtedly David Rodriguez. I can say it's hard for me to avoid head-on-the-scenes. My favorite characters are of course Javier Pena and Jorge Salcedo. Thanks to these two guys on season three, it's been so good. There was Chepe Santacruz who looks like Pablo. He is also one of my favorite characters. This season did not feature in detail the events and characters from other seasons. In the first two seasons, everything was processed to the finest detail and the details were given for a long time. But on the third season, the opposite is happening.They also finished the Cali cartel, which they said was great from Escobar. I guess we could say that's the only bad thing.

I think it was perfect, even more exciting than the other seasons. See you in Mexico
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Season 3 is much better than the first two seasons
TheBigSick3 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It is rare to see that in a television series, each season is improved upon its predecessor. The plot of the third season has more twists and turns, and there is always something unexpected, especially in Episode 6 to 10. The style of this season is darker, more violent, and extremely fast-paced.

Next I will discuss each episode.

Episode 1 basically shows how clever and cruel the Cali Cartel are. They are good at intelligence and are called Cali KGB. Also, they kill people secretly and make sure that the corpses disappear without anyone knowing. Besides, they pretend to be nice in the eyes of the public. Cali Cartel are much harder to deal with than Pablo Escobar.

Episode 2 mostly demonstrates how the Cali KGB work. They can tap your phone and monitor your room. In this episode, they video the family scandal of a government official and force him to tell a lie to the world, which covers up a horrible crime committed by the Cali Cartel. After seeing this, Agent Pena feels it is necessary to eliminate the Cali Cartel and sends Agent Feistl to Cali.

If the first two episodes are the prologue of Season 3, from Episode 3 on, the real play begins. Agent Feistl confronts members of the Cali Cartel face to face. DEA begins the investigation by tracking the money of the Cali Cartel, in order to find the evidence of money laundering. Agent Feistl gets a search warrant and searches the financial building of the Cali Cartel. But he fails to find anything useful in the end due to the excellent job of the Cali KGB, led by Jorge.

Gilberto Rodríguez, one of the four leaders of the Cali Cartel, is arrested in Episode 4, during a raid on his houses initiated by Agent Pena. However, there are still three leaders in Cali Cartel, which means Agent Pena still has a long way to go before he takes down the Cali Cartel.

In Episode 5, Miguel Rodriguez suspects that there are rats in the Cali Cartel, who leak information to the DEA and result in the arrest of his brother, Gilberto Rodriguez. Therefore, he kills Calderon, a corrupt cop involved in the arrest of Gilberto, and Cordova, the leader of the security department, in an extremely bloody and brutal way.

There are three breathtaking action scenes in Episode 6. The first is the chase of Agent Pena after Jurado. The second is the attack of North Valley on Pacho. The third is the escape of Miguel from North Valley. The plot is twisted. When you think DEA has got Jurado, Cali Cartel holds his wife as a hostage. When you think North Valley may kill Pacho, Pacho succeeds in counterattack. When you think Agent Feistl could attack Miguel, North Valley do instead.

Episode 7 is the best episode of Season 3 so far, even better than Episode 6. There are a lot of intriguing questions generated during the storytelling. First and the most important of all, can Agent Pena arrest Miguel in the end? Second, can Agent Pena pass the perimeter? Third, can the local corrupt police interrupt the raid? Finally, can the DEA team break the wall before time runs out?

Episode 8 tells two plot lines in parallel. The first plot line is that Agent Pena rescues Mrs. Jurado. Just as everyone believes that Franklin Jurado will cooperate with DEA, he is unexpectedly assassinated by a killer from the Cali Cartel. The second plot line is that Miguel is trying to find the rat. Jorge and Enrique are the two main suspects and the confrontation between the two is absolutely tense and fantastic.

To be honest, Episode 9 is one of the fastest and the most intense crime thrillers I've ever seen. Not a single second is wasted. There are so many intriguing questions in the episode such that you have to hold your breath and stare on the screen all the time. Can Agent Pena take down Miguel? Can Jorge survive? Can Jorge's dependents survive? There are plenty of twists and turns as well. When you think Miguel will leave his building, he receives the call from David and stays. When the audience think that it is a victory that Miguel is arrested, Agent Pena realizes that the president is bought by the Cali Cartel and the DEA never had a chance.

The first half of Episode 10 is gut-wrenching, especially when Jorge and Navegante confront each other in the car. We always wonder if the DEA team can bring Pallomari out. The second half of the episode is relieving, in the sense that at the very least, the endeavor of Pena is not in vain.

All in all, the season is absolutely worth watching.
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Just wrong...
dentx-6718628 September 2015
Before watching this TV show I had already watched the 113 episodes of the original series 'Pablo Escobar, El patron del mal' that was broadcasted on Colombian TV stations a few years ago. I loved the way they told the story and I was impressed by many of the the actors. Specially Andres Parra who plays Pablo. Luckily enough I speak Spanish fluently and had no need for subtitles. Having this to compare with I noticed that the US version of the story, 'Narcos', had changed a lot of important things, had crammed things together and also invented a few new things I had problems believing. For starters the focus of the 'Narcos' is to show how thanks to USA and the work of an American in Colombia they where able to catch Escobar. But they left out the story of people that where really affected by him and the people that really did all the hard work. The Colombian newspapers, journalists, politicians, police and military. Shameful and also boring! The camera-work and cutting etc, and a few of the actors where perfectly OK, just a shame the story is so... wrong!
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awful manipulation of allegedly truthful events in order to make the American organizations, as usual, the heroes of the story.
Ricardo_Ribeiro9 September 2015
awful manipulation of allegedly truthful events in order to make the American organizations, as usual, the heroes of the story.

this is, unfortunately, the only thing i regret about this series, all the rest, cast and technical aspects seem great.

but, for USA, thats just normal... south America, Africa, middle east..

"History is an ever-present and malleable force - it dictates our lives, beliefs and even our heritage. Malleable because it's biased, biased because the reality is often lost. An accurate historical record is more than just war, politics and the actions of men - the history which we see in the cinema.

That's what Hollywood tries to do for us. The formula is simple: take an "interesting" story, add in some "cool details," fill in the gaps with the narrative of a historical character and wrap it up into a $200 million, Oscar-burping epic.

In a society that doesn't stress history in schools, we end up relying on film as an educational medium. Even in an academic setting, I was presented Braveheart in a high school European history class and Gettysburg in a Duke History class."

the problem is when you say its a all veracious show, series or movie and then don't say or explain where it is not.

but they have the money so, yes they can
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Great show to binge eat to.
wykes-438346 September 2017
This is the only show I can truly enjoy while scoffing down an 8 pack of Monster Munch, the subtitles means no important plot lines are missed. Apparently 5 lines of text are needed so I thought I'd list some other foods you can eat.

  • Kettle Chips - Doritos - Wotsits - Salt & Vinegar Spirals

The show is pretty decent.
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Narcos Season 1 Review
Lord_Orson27 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Initially I thought it was very mediocre, although it did improve significantly as the story progressed. I have quite a lot of issues with it, however. The characterisation is limited, and to me that is a huge problem because I consider characterisation to be the key component of any story. Generally I prefer shows that are deeper, more engaging and with a heavier tone. That's not to say I automatically dislike the lighter approach in this genre – Justified did that and was one of my favourite shows. This though didn't have the charm, likability or witty dialogue that Justified had. Ultimately this show ended up feeling too superficial due to the lack of depth. I would also say it lags considerably behind some of the other top foreign language shows I have watched recently such as Romanzo Criminale, Gomorrah and Les Revenants.

The pilot was the weakest episode – I didn't really enjoy the first couple of episodes at all. We hardly had any backstory to Escobar – there was a scene where he threatened soldiers - but he was already an established criminal and before we knew it he was running his cocaine empire. I also still feel that I am ultimately none the wiser who exactly Pablo Escobar was, what motivated him and what made him the man he became. Despite the fact that Escobar's rise was covered at lightning speed, the start of the show felt like it was moving at a snail's pace, such was its banality.

That said, he was obviously the real star of the show and easily the most interesting character – the actor did an excellent job and conveyed the character with a James Gandolfini style approach, using subtle mannerisms and expressions with lingering menace. There was almost a degree of sympathy to the way he played the role at times. The character often committed these horrible acts with such detachment that you forgot it was really him behind all this, as he was caring for his family.

The other characters were really limited though. Gustavo was Escobar's right-hand man and was considered a 'brother'. The character just seemed to exist though - initially I had no idea what was going on with his affair - until they explained it was the Ochoa's sister. It wasn't until his last stand and he was killed that the character did anything for me. I have no issue with the actor who played the role but the character never developed as the show went on, and you can say the same about many of the characters. After Gustavo's death I really liked the scene between Pablo and his Mother – finally the show conveyed some emotion and resonated beyond just the surface. This gave a humanised quality to Pablo too.

The protagonist 'Steve' was also extremely limited. The character just did not grow at all – he was simply a cardboard cut-out cop. Pena was very limited too – Pascal could have played the role in his sleep. Really disappointing considering how fascinating he was as the Red Viper. The other members of the cartel were the same too, we learned virtually nothing new about them and they never grew. If the main characters in the story are the same as they were when the story started, is that really an example of good storytelling?

I think I would rate this a fairly solid 7/10. If there was more depth to the characters it could have been excellent.
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Cardboard characters and a skewed U.S. perspective
Bogus One7 November 2015
In general, Narcos the series is an underachiever.

My biggest complaint is with the writing. To start, the whole script seems a little too favorable to the DEA. I routinely found myself questioning the prominence of the U.S. characters. At times it felt as if the story had been transcribed from DEA case files rather than actually being "written". This results in a sort of "pseudo documentary" crime drama. I can imagine the same effect if one very long episode of COPS were made with slightly higher production value. I just don't remember any real investigation or character development in the viewing experience. Just being served a series of events as seen by the DEA.

The casting stuck me as questionable too. Except for the CIA agent, there were no memorable scenes or performances really. I found the portrayal of Pablo to be mostly uninspired or "matter of fact" (as most of the other characters). I developed an especially strong distaste for the performance of the DEA agent. THE MOST inappropriate casting choice, I really COULD NOT believe in this character for even one minute of the entire series. I don't know if the actor is a talented fellow or not. I am sure he is NOT suitable for THIS particular part. To be fair, I doubt any actor could overcome the weakness of the script, regardless of how much talent they possess.

So... what I viewed was a series of skewed perspective, filled with cardboard characters. Why has it been been voted so highly? Maybe it can be explained by the fact that Pablo Escobar is one fascinating character, even when he is presented poorly in a series like this one?

Anyway, I know that I'm more interested than ever in Escobar now. I will be seeking out the alternate titles that other reviewers have referenced for us.
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Revisionist history with a side order of self justification
s32761694 September 2015
I've read a few books on Pablo Escobar, Columbian drug trafficker. Narco's is a US take on the Escobar drug empire, which falls short of the mark.

Its revisionist history with a side order of self justification that kicks in from the get go. There's an admission the US had a role in placing dictator Augusto Pinochet in power in Chile. The stated justification is Pinochet hated Communists. The real reason Pinochet was, in fact, placed in power, was because the democratically elected, Socialist (not Communist) leader of the country Salvador Allende, planned to nationalize resources the US had an "interest" in.

Narcos also has its own "take" on the US role in drug enforcement in Columbia. The enforcement role of the US in Columbia is somewhat skewed. Its mostly painted as following international laws and norms, when, in fact, much of what took place was highly questionable, to say the least.

The depiction of the drugs Escobar smuggled into the US is in my view overblown too. Cocaine, for example, is, arguably, no more addictive or damaging to ones health than tobacco.

By contrast, the presentation of Escobar is not too far from the mark. The man really did more or less own Columbia for a time. He did intimidate, he did terrorize and he did murder. The business he was involved in was hardly a good one either. That said, in a poor country like Columbia, the illegal drug industry was a way of life for ordinary people as well as criminal gangs.

The standard of acting in Narcos is good and the pace for this series is on the mark. Certainly, this is by no means a boring watch but then Escobar was a larger than life figure.

In summary, I'd say Narcos is a mixed series. Its interesting and engaging, especially for those who come to this subject matter with fresh eyes. That said, I think it could have been more historically accurate and objective and still offered up a worthwhile watch. Six out of ten from me.
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Drug Trafficking in Columbia
Micknay28 September 2017
Very Addicting show, Love the action and suspense I can look forward to when sitting back on Netflix and putting Narcos on. Just finished season 3 in a breeze and was kept very interested in the Cali Cartel and how they were taken down. Season 1 & 2 about Pablo definitely blew season 3 out of the water, but I'm crossing my fingers Narcos comes back for a season 4 in Mexico despite what happened with their casting director. One of my top 5 favorite shows in a list including Breaking Bad, Black Mirror, Weeds, and Entourage.
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