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Sex & Nudity

  • Some mild nudity (sexual organs not seen.)
  • First episode of Season 1 has a sex scene. Visible thrusting, no nudity though.

Violence & Gore

  • The first couple of episodes contain strong and occasionally graphic violence. Examples: in childhood flashbacks of the main character, several men are lined up and executed. A child is handed a gun and ordered to shoot one of the men but is too terrified, wets himself and runs off to hide. His brother takes the gun and performs the execution. The involvement of children in this scene will disturb. As the title suggests, one of the main characters is frequently depicted in several scenes abusing his power by performing shocking acts of violence, some sexual. In one scene he is shown having sex with a woman which is clearly against her will. In another scene he deliberately encounters his sons bride at their wedding in a private room and violates her by digitally penetrating her and taking away her virginity. This scene is both disturbing and degrading. The same character while driving his car forces another woman to perform oral sex on him. While in the act she bites his penis causing him to crash. The same character in another scene attacks another man and cuts off his finger. Three young boys are taken out into a street, laid face down and each shot in the head. Again, the depiction of children in these scenes is disturbing.
  • While the above scenes are graphic, it is seen as an essential part of character development.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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