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Doc Johnson14 March 2014
This guy doesn't get comedy. Amy schumer is a great comedian, but her show is trying to shove "funny" down your throat so hard that it loses credibility. The same goes for the kroll show. Review is a fresh concept and Andy pulls off laughs without trying so hard you shudder from the douche chills. I felt like it had just enough painful awkwardness without going overboard and relying on it to carry the show.I honestly thought the show was gonna be dumb when i saw the previews but I laughed non stop through the whole first episode. If it was any other host I think the show would be a flop but Andy is a perfect fit and plays the part flawlessly IMO. I give it a MILLION STARS!!!!!!!
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This is the funniest show on TV in a decade!
coltpython-2613620 August 2015
I had no idea what this was going into it, I only found out about it while surfing the CC website and checking out clips on various shows. As I watched each video I began to notice I was laughing nonstop at each short scene. I thought if these two minute snidbits are this funny then the full half hour must be hilarious. Sure enough I watched the first episode and spend the rest of the night binge watching season 1 and the first episode of season 2. This show is laugh out loud funny, just dirty enough to be edgy, and the writing is some of the freshest and most clever on TV. I knew Andy Daly from EastBound and Down, although funny throughout that series, he only played a minor part in it. But in this show he shines like no other comedian I've seen in awhile and I couldn't see anyone else filling this role. Each episode takes you on a hilarious adventure with Forrest as he tries to navigate these insane and grueling reviews. His consistently oblivious nature puts him at odds with the people around him and sets in motion some of the funniest comedic situations on television. The reviews he has sent in each week range from joining the Mile High club to finding out what it's like to be a little person, but it's the way Forrest goes about surveying these reviews that really makes the show so remarkable. I give it ***** Stars!
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Outstanding Comedy!
shiva777-9-15384927 July 2014
I was a bit skeptical about the concept behind this show. What saves it from banality is just how creative and edgy each episode is. The viewer has NO idea what is going to happen next. There is no formula and the tension is often ratcheded up to excruciating levels. There are tons of laughs here and the back stories are woven in expertly. So many comedies are played very hammy with lots of stereotypes. This is a very refreshing new form of comedy where the backdrop is more realistic with only some of the characters being over the top. If you're a fan of Louie, The Office or Curb Your Enthusiasm you will likely really love this show. It's fresh and Andy Daly plays the role of the hapless reporter to perfection. I hope that we see more hilarious comedies coming. Great stuff!
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This show can be so wrong, but that's half the fun
Mr-Fusion5 May 2014
Comedy Central is a vast wasteland of unsuccessful TV shows based around standup comics, but "Review" is a refreshing winner. Reviewing life itself (and playing the inanities of life to the extreme) is a simple concept, but it works, and really just churns out one ridiculously uncomfortable moment after another. But it's from that discomfort that the big laughs arise. Andrew Daly is perfect for the slightly hapless Forrest MacNeil, and his exasperated wife and wryly awkward cohost are my favorite parts of the show.

It's a genuine surprise how quickly this season has flown by, and I really hope this gets picked up for another go-round.

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Concept not as original as you might think
duncanbdm20 September 2014
Yes, 'Review' is a brilliant concept. However, anyone touting it as refreshingly original or uniquely funny is sorely mistaken. The show 'Review' is actually an American reboot of the Australian comedy, 'Review with Myles Barlow' starring Phil Lloyd, first airing in 2008 (See the 'Did You Know?' section).

The American 'Review' is a well made program, but like 'The Office (US)', it's a slightly less realistic, less painfully honest and altogether less well formulated show, despite the bigger budget. If you can find the Australian version (a lot of which is on Youtube), I'd recommend comparing the first review of both pilots, 'stealing', to get the idea. A few segments contain Australianisms that might not come across to a foreign audience, but with superior writing, beautifully painful situations and a consistently stellar performance from Phil Lloyd, it's definitely worth checking out.

The American 'Review' is great nonetheless, even when it is painfully similar to situations from its Australian predecessor. It may be harder to identify a reboot with smaller series that don't come out of the US or the UK, but it's important to know where credit is due.
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review everything
Kevin Lynch25 May 2016
A Very enjoyable farce in which the host is game for a laugh. The seriousness and commitment that Andrew Daly brings to the character is to be applauded. He reviews many life situations from the bizarre to the feared and delves in with enthusiasm that's to be admired. Everything from "being gay" to "murder" to "joining a cult". In short, try everything in life and review it!!!

I only hope it hasn't been cancelled or worse that the presenter hasn't died from heart failure.

Here I am reviewing "reviewed"

O the irony. I dare you not to laugh.
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Love it so much I'm going as Forrest for Halloween this year.
justin-74-8909428 October 2015
IF that doesn't sell you, let me just say that this show is deceptively simple and deeply brilliant. Andy Daly's performance as Forrest is absolutely pitch perfect, by the end of the show you really feel like you've gotten to know and understand him and love him despite his many, many flaws.

His pure devotion to his "reviews" to the extent that he completely ruins everything good or decent about his own life is always difficult to watch but my sides are usually sore from laughing by the end.

Having not seen the Australian version I can't speak to that, but missing or dismissing this show because it's an American knock-off would be doing yourself a great disservice.
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REVIEW in need of review (of its soon-to-be lost financing, soon-to-be fired employees and cancellation policies).
dunmore_ego6 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I wonder if Andrew Daly realizes he is as funny as a dick rash.

Thankfully, his new TV series, REVIEW, is as painfully devoid of humor as he is, and will be gone long before my dick rash. Daly plays a "life reviewer" – someone who reviews not books or movies, but life experiences, like kicking a door in, being a racist, attending an orgy, stealing and addiction. I know what you're thinking, "Wow, someone gave someone else some money to make this into a series?" While people with great, original ideas are starving – not in Africa, but right here in Los Angeles (cough–me, you idiots!)

Why is someone so devoid of character playing a character? REVIEW is structured like a follow-camera reality show, but Daly is not playing himself, rather a nerdy, socially inept tit named Forrest MacNeil (basically, himself, with the name Forrest MacNeil) who "hosts" a show where YouTubers ask him questions on how it would feel to do certain everyday things, and he performs those acts, then gives them a rating out of five stars. It's humongously pathetic, and even whilst Daly goes through the motions with his one-trick-pony newscaster persona, he seems to be putting in only as much effort as required for a show that will be canceled long before it finds one actual laugh amongst the morass of limp writing and Daly's desperate stabs at improv.

Other people who benefit minimally from this short TV stint (they'll at least get paid and have another bullet point on their résumés) are Jessica St. Clair as Forrest's MILF wife, Kaden Gibson as the son, some douche as Forrest's intern (who no doubt has a long career ahead of him in toothpaste commercials), and Megan Stevenson as Forrest's blonde TV assistant, with legs shaved smoother than Taylor Lautner's chest, who looks like she's riding an Anal Intruder.

Episode 1 features reviews on stealing, smoking, drinking, cocaine, and going to the prom. Upcoming episodes that survive cancellation will feature further activities with the same prosaic writing and unconvincing execution that Daly will turn into desperate attempts at holding down a job as a "comedian."

It rubs the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again…
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Mediocre POS
eoqvlpfj-4223921 July 2015
This show is a weak reboot of the Australian show. It might have been better if Daly didn't play it as a fake character and actually performed some of the acts depicted, since fake reality TV is already a tiresome trope, it might have been a bit more entertaining if they used real people instead of extras posing as members of the public. It would have been better to really see him messed up on cocaine, or release a sex tape, the show is so weak its the only thing that can save it. Megan Stevenson is an annoying generic bubble-head, who essentially has no role on the show, other than to state the obvious to Daly, while auditioning for her next piece of sheet on the Fox News and Friends leg flesh stool.
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