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I enjoyed this movie
headink25 December 2016
I am no real movie reviewer, just a guy who loves watching good movies!

My first ever review for any IMDb movie. But I have been here looking up movies for years.

I seen some reviewers underrate this. Which is why I decided to let people know what an average everyday person thinks of this movie It deserves more credit than what it has been given.

I myself thoroughly enjoyed it! The time went by too fast. I could not keep my eyes off the screen lots of action, fantastic car chases. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

I love Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins and to see both in one movie at the same time was very exciting and For Myself personally thought they did very well. Nicholas Hoult did a great job too.

I know this is no major movie like silence of the lambs. But it was still a fantastic action movie. If you like action movies don't let this one pass you by! It's very entertaining. I look forward to watching this again one day. 7.5/10
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Quick money always ends in a big trouble!
Reno Rangan24 April 2017
It's one of those films with aimless narration. Indeed, it has a nice cast and characters with the basic storyline, but that did not expand and explored well as it should have been. At least the pace of the narration looked fine. Some characters looked unnecessary, and so a couple of scenes. If these all were managed, then still it could have been a decent film. Because since it is an action- adventure, they did not generate those crucial parts like the stunts and dialogues related to the gangster thing to turn it a better film in its kind.

The two veteran actors coming together for the first time added more curiosity than flavour we are looking for. They did okay and so the rest of the cast. Ideal runtime, a few stuffs were in the favour of the film, but those were not enough for the overall success. If the same film was made from the non-English world like perhaps Germany, which was one of the producers of the film would have done better than this existing one which is very familiar with this language.

People would watch it only for Hopkins and Kingley and so did am I. But they might end in disappointment, or that could be the reason to rate it fairly better. Whatever, this is an okay film, which is barely entertaining and of all, not a boring film. So trying it for one is okay, but I think not worth if you have got plenty of options over this one.

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Some fluid action sequences don't just COLLIDE with fluent storytelling.
witra asliga2 September 2016
Collide is very much alike Creevy's previous work, Welcome To The Punch (2013) with additional love story between Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones as plot driven.

Casey needs money to cure his sick girlfriend, Juliette. A slick drug dealer, Geran send him on a mission, hijack a truck that belongs to notorious criminal, Hagen Kahl who can do anything to get rid of anyone in his way.

Here we have two antagonists as the opposites, perfectly crafted by Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley, who are responsible to put Hoult into a series of captivating cat and mouse action caper. At some points, i personally start to think that Hoult is the 'real cat' here who got 9 lives to live.

Relationships between these one dimensional characters felt under developed. Still cast members had shown what they've got to keep our interest going.

The stages are set extremely well to pull us straight away from start with only little time to think but somehow we already have sights on the finish line. A twist might be explained through exposition about 10 minutes before end credits.

Well, some fluid action sequences don't just COLLIDE with fluent storytelling. And it takes 99 minutes of running time to find out why.
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What were Hopkins and Kingsley thinking?
mannin116 February 2017
When I saw Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingley's names attached to this movie I thought how bad could it be? Well, it's bad. Really bad. Dumb as a brick. Great chase sequences on the autobahns but a story that is as lame as they come. Girl needs kidney operation so boyfriend hijacks truck full of drugs and gangsters come after him. Endless escapes that happen SOOOO conveniently to keep the story going. Couldn't the producers have sprung for an extra couple of writers to punch up the story and make it less predictable? Were Hopkins and Kingsley so desperate for a paycheck that they were willing to stoop to acting in this trash? Your heart bleeds for them. When I saw the movie cost twenty one million to make I was astounded as I figured well below ten. The distribution company that picked up this movie when the first distributor went bankrupt should pray to God that they don't join the first company in the bankruptcy courts. Don't hold your breath for any solid figures at the box office. And who are the fools likening this to the Fast and the Furious franchise? Not even close!
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Surprisingly enjoyable
Ari V8 January 2017
This is not a movie with deep meaning, a complex plot or redeeming value but was surprisingly enjoyable. The primary characters were not glamorous but rather down to earth which lent a certain innocence and believability. I thought their acting was excellent and sustained the movie through to the end. The bad guys deserve kudos. Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins played quirky drug lords which they pulled off really well in a low key manner. These are often the most difficult characters to pull off in a movie, often being overly done but not here. The secondary bad guys were superbly cast and relentless in the chase which kept the tension level high through the entire movie. Plot wise this was a basic caper gone wrong and chase movie with a surprising twist at the end. Wreakage and carnage on the Autobahn while extensive, was not overdone. In fact, the chase scenes and crash scenes were really well choreographed and not over the top or gratuitous. The only weakness was the ending which was predictable and didn't follow through which left a feeling of abruptness, probably forced through mandatory time constraints. As a result, Anthony Hopkin's character and story did not feel complete. Collide was great entertainment that didn't require deep thought to enjoy....

Comment: the main characters were not "backpackers" but rather ex- pats living and working in Germany. Seems to be growing tendency to refer to anyone between 20-30 as backpackers...
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Better than I had hoped
Chris King31 December 2016
I went into this film with an open mind. I wasn't expecting much in the way of OTT action sequences or sex and violence that is the staple for most blockbuster-esque action films with it being a PG-13. That said it did deliver on the action sequences. Some well shot and exciting car chases and gun battles which kept you watching even if the plot (which has some twists) was rather predictable at times. Essentially though it is a love story although that is glossed over a bit too much for me. Would have preferred a 15 rating and a bit more from the two leads. I disagree with the other reviewer who thought Anthony Hopkins didn't play the villain believably enough. I thought he nailed it. What was a bit unbelievable was the lack of police support during most of the gun battles. Are the German police really so useless? I had an overall sense that a bit of comedy was trying to be injected into the dialogue (especially the scenes with Hopkins and Kingsley)it did make me smile but I fear that may not have been the intention after all. Overall an enjoyable film that I am glad I saw. Could have been made better - yes, could have had more depth - yes. Recommended - yes.
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Great film for cinema junkies!
Yordan2 September 2016
I decided to watch this movie at the last minute while in Bulgaria. I looked at the trailer for the movie when I got back and could not understand why there where so many negative remarks towards it. This movie has great actors (Ben Kingsley, Nicholas Hoult & Anthony Hopkins sure played the heck out of their role), plenty of action (Car chase scenes where outstanding), pure comedy gold (Ben Kingsley, enough said) and a very interesting if not engaging story. Even though at parts I would consider that the film isn't very realistic, but like all movies, there are always plot holes which is why I'm not giving it a low rating.

Overall I enjoyed the movie and would definitely watch again. Just a shame it's not yet released for the public in the United Kingdom.
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Not as bad as some painted it
templar7709912 April 2017
Not as bad as I was expecting. Brainless, with almost no plot whatsoever, but still made up for an enjoyable ride. Had some inventing camera work, but not really anything beyond generic. The action setpieces were by the book, as were the performances. Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins are so over the top that it hurts, but the outlandish nature of their roles still makes the film funnily watchable. A simple and straightforward rethread of genre tropes that still ends up being, if not worthwatching, a all and all decent film.
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It has its rewards... if you are patient
Wizard-83 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
For the first thirty or so minutes of "Collide", the movie was shaping up to be a pretty boring and familiar experience for me. The movie was taking far too much time to set up the situation, and what was unfolding was nothing I hadn't seen before in many other movies.

But then after those first thirty minutes, the movie takes a sudden turn and becomes surprisingly enjoyable. All of a sudden the movie starts delivering action and suspense, and this material is pretty well accomplished. It is basically one scene after another of the protagonist fighting off and/or fleeing his pursuers, but I have to admit that the action is choreographed and directed in a way that I was pretty pumped up. The movie also looks quite eye-catching, with its good photography and its German backdrop that adds some freshness.

Eventually, however, the movie makes a stumble near the very end, with how Anthony Hopkins' drug lord character is finally dealt with, namely in a manner that happens off-screen, cheating the viewer of seeing him directly getting his just desserts.

Despite this disappointing ending, and the first drab thirty minutes, I think the movie does deliver enough entertainment in the end. It's not a classic action movie by any means because of those aforementioned problems, but it keeps your attention if you stick with it.
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Don't COLLIDE with this film
bankofmarquis2 March 2017
The advertisement for COLLIDE leads you to believe that it is a "thrill-a-minute, fast-paced, speeding ride through the Autobahn."

Oh, that I wish it was.

COLLIDE tells the story of an American backpacker, with some sort of shady background, who goes to "any length" to save his girlfriend.  This length puts him in the middle of two European drug lords.

At 1 hour, 36 minutes, the best thing I can say about COLLIDE is that it is short, but it seemed a heckuva lot longer.

Nicholas Hoult (MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, X:MEN - APOCALYPSE) stars as Casey Stein and Felicty Jones  (STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE and THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING) stars as his American girlfriend.  Both are British and have very peculiar American accents...oh...and no real chemistry with each other.  They stumble through this film and never really hold the audiences attention and, fundamentally, I did not really care what happened to them.

And that is because the two warring drug dealers were played (or should I say OVER played) by Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley - two actors who haven't seen a scene they couldn't chew - and chew they do.  This is, actually, the only real spark in this film.  When these two are on screen, they are somewhat entertaining, all things considered.

Of course, compared to the rest of the film, that's like saying they are the most sober men in a drunk tank - the bar for quality in this film is not very high.

The direction, by Eran Creevy is pedestrian at best.  The action scenes, while avoiding - for the most part - relying on "shaky-cam", are unspectacular, unthrilling and dull while the acting scenes are hammy, over-the-top or underplayed to such an extent that everyone involved seemed bored.

And, so was I, unless Hopkins and/or Kingsley were on screen, then I perked up a bit.

Letter Grade:  C (only because of Hopkins and Kingsley)

4 (out of 10) Stars and you can take that to the Bank (ofMarquis)
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