Collide (2016) Poster

(I) (2016)

Nicholas Hoult: Casey Stein



  • Casey Stein : They're gonna kill the love of my life.

  • Casey Stein : I'm coming to get you, Juliette.

  • Casey Stein : What is it? Is it dangerous?

    Geran : What kind of question is that? Of course it's dangerous. Do you want a safe job? You work in IKEA, don't question me!

  • [first lines] 

    Casey Stein : [narrating]  Reasons. We all got our reasons to do crazy and reckless things in life. Mostly they don't help you though. Not when you're left to pick up the pieces. But if the reason's love, maybe it's not so crazy, 'cause people believe in love. They know it keeps the world turning. And right now, that's the only thing keeping me alive.

    [hanging upside down in flipped car] 

  • Hagen Kahl : Well, obviously I've misjudged you, my friend. In my experience, people who are about to die, usually cry, or pray, or beg a little. But laughing a little, well, that is original. You really are quite an exceptional young man, aren't you?

    Casey Stein : You don't see it do you?

    Hagen Kahl : No... Enlighten me, please.

    Casey Stein : I mean, you think with all your money, you're somehow better than me. That you are safe and in control. You're not...

    [cut to henchmen opening truck] 

    Casey Stein : *I'm* in control. Because I still got your truck. So you should think about making a deal.

  • [last lines] 

    Juliette Marne : I love you.

    Casey Stein : No one has ever told me that before.

    Juliette Marne : Girls never told you that before?

    Casey Stein : No, nobody ever.

    Juliette Marne : I love you.

    Casey Stein : I love you too.

    Juliette Marne : [narrating]  So if the reason is good enough, if the reason's love, then maybe it is not so crazy after all.

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