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Flatliners had every opportunity to improve on the original, and it doesn’t take most of them. It falls flat as a horror movie but the cast is good enough, and the sci-fi concepts are interesting enough, to keep it from crashing completely.
While the talented cast...do as well as can be expected with the (excuse the weak pun) pretty flat script, this remake likely will be all but forgotten shortly after it hits multiplexes this weekend.
It all adds up to “not half-bad,” with Page managing the emotional high point and Clemons and Norton delivering the near-laughs and Luna the sober man-of-science common sense. Tricky thing about half-bad, though. That means, at its best, it’s only half good.
Starts strong, finishes dull. The original Flatliners should have had a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ order attached to it.
No matter what Oplev throws at us, the film refuses to catch fire and just grows sillier and more contrived as it unfolds. It never feels distinctive and often has the air of just another entry in the Final Destination series.
Mostly, it's hackneyed horror devices uneasily mixed with softball dramatics of atonement, to increasingly plodding effect. Somebody get a defibrillator in here, stat.
This Flatliners plays like a malpractice case: a cheap horror film grafted on to an episode of “House.”
Flatliners 2017 is the same dumb movie as Flatliners 1990, minus most of the surface charisma.
Instead of improving on the original's visualization of the liminal state between life and death, director Niels Arden Oplev turns the conceit into just another excuse for rote haunting, making this Flatliners often indistinguishable from its 2017 thriller peers.
It’s the same dreary hooey, made more tedious and witless through repetition.

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