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MPAA Rated R for crude sexual content, graphic nudity, pervasive language, some violence and drug use.

Sex & Nudity

  • Several (3+) scenes in which topless women are shown on a characters cell phone. Once he shows a naked picture of a mans wife to taunt him. Later he exchanges texts with a woman and she sends a topless picture. The third time he facetimes a woman who is named other than panties. Each scene is graphic and erotic but brief.
  • During the opening credits a man walks over to his bed where his wife or girlfriend is and kisses her. She rotates in his direction and half a breast is seen for about a second.
  • The film contains some depictions partial nudity.
  • a brief scene where a man is seen thrusting against a topless woman.
  • There are numerous scenes throughout the movie referencing various sex acts.

Violence & Gore

  • There are some scenes of violence in the film that contain details of gore.
  • The stronger examples include a scene where a motorcyclist's head is decapitated by a metal wire; and a scene where a man's fingers are severed by stray bullets.


  • The film is peppered throughout with expletives such as "motherf**ker" and "f**k".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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