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  • At 43, Luis is a confirmed bachelor, happy with one night stands, a success as a creator of perfumes. He has one problem: his mother and five sisters, who form an intimidating family council, want him married. Luis contrives to hire a woman to pose as a fiancée who will jilt him at the altar, leaving him disconsolate, with an excuse not to marry. He hires Emma, the sister of a colleague. She restores antique furniture and wants to adopt a child from Brazil. Things go too well: when Emma doesn't show up at the wedding, Luis's mother requires hospitalization; only Emma can bring her out of her swoon. It's time for a new plan that involves more tangled webs. And the child?

  • In Paris, the forty-three year-old Luis "Pipou" Costa is a immature bachelor and successful creator of perfumes and does not have any intention to get married. However, his oppressive family that is ruled by six women - his mother Geneviève Costa and his sisters Catherine, Axelle, Carole, Maxine and Marie decide that Luis shall get married and they try to find a wife for him among their friends. When Luis is having lunch with his best friend Pierre-Yves, he learns that his regular waitress is depressed and not working because her fiancé left her a couple of days before their wedding. Luis plots a scheme to hire a woman to pose as his fiancée and to leave him on the day of their marriage in order that his family does not bother him anymore. He hires Pierre's sister Emmanuelle "Emma", who is trying to adopt a child from Brazil, to be his bride-to-be and to leave him at the altar on the day of their wedding. However his plan fails since his family loves Emma and when she does not show up to marry him, his mother has to go to the hospital and his sisters blame him. Now Luis hires Emma again to act like a bitch to make his family hate her. Meanwhile Luis falls in love with Emma and when his plan works and Emma leaves him, he misses her. Would it be too late for him to declare his love for Emma?


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  • Luis Costa (Alain Chabat) is living a charmed life: he is a successful perfume designer, known around the office as "Le Nez" (the nose), he is a handsome forty-something, and above all, he's carefree and single. He dates whomever he pleases and happily lives alone.

    Luis' happy existence is threatened when his strongwilled mother and five equally overbearing sisters decide it's time for him to marry. They are sick of doing his laundry, cooking his meals and waiting on him hand and foot, so they set him up on a seemingly neverending series of blind dates with all of the single women they know (and even some that they don't -- found via the internet).

    After a month of exhausting bad dates, and too afraid to take on his family, Luis hatches a hare-brained scheme: he will find the "perfect woman," pay her to pose as his fiancee and charm his family, but then jilt him at the altar on their wedding day. That way, his family will feel sorry for him and never mention marriage to him ever again. Emmanuelle (Charlotte Gainsbourg), his best friend's sister, has just moved to Paris and is looking for a quick way to earn some cash. It seems like a win-win situation, but the best-laid plans of single men can go horribly and hilariously wrong.

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