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It's irresistible, damn it. Mainstream comedies should all be this funny and tender and deftly performed.
Washington Post
Hilarious, touching and wonderfully dyspeptic.
About a Boy knows exactly what it wants to do: It wants to make you smile, and grin, and then laugh with recognition, and it manages all three, again and again.
About a Boy is a rarity in many ways. It's a well-written, witty film whose memorable characters grapple with the nature of family, love, friendship and despair. Even its soundtrack, by Badly Drawn Boy, is perfectly pitched.
Chicago Sun-Times
We have all the action heroes and Method script-chewers we need right now, but the Cary Grant department is understaffed, and Hugh Grant shows here that he is more than a star, he is a resource.
Entertainment Weekly
Hugh Grant has grown up, holding on to his lightness and witty cynicism but losing the stuttering sherry-club mannerisms that were once his signature. In doing so, he has blossomed into the rare actor who can play a silver-tongued sleaze with a hidden inner decency.
Chicago Reader
Illuminating with their energy and wit.
New Times (L.A.)
Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of About a Boy is how substantial it plays -- as a feel-good film with weight, a knowing comedy with dramatic depth.
New York Daily News
A comedy hit, but its secret is that it delves deeper than the usual summer fare.
Pleasant and engaging, rather than laugh-out-loud funny or emotionally involving.

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