Finding Nemo (2003) Poster


Joe Ranft: Jacques



  • Bloat : Nemo, newcomer of orange and white, you have been called forth to the summit of Mt. Wannahockaloogie to join with us in the fraternal bonds of tankhood!

    Nemo : Huh?

    Peach : We want you in our club, kid.

    Nemo : Really?

    Bloat : If you are able to swim through... The Ring of Fire!


    Bloat : [Under his breath]  Turn on the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire!

    Jacques : Oops!

    [turns on the volcano] 

    Bloat : You said you could do it.

    [the volcano is on] 

    Bloat : Ring of Fire!

  • Gurgle : So, which one is it?

    Nemo : I'm from the ocean.

    Gurgle : Oh, the ocean. THE OCEAN? AAAH! He hasn't been decontaminated yet! Jacques!

    Jacques : Oui.

    Gurgle : Clean him!

    Jacques : Oui.

    Gurgle : Ocean!

    Jacques : Oo, la mer! Bon!

    [Spins Nemo around as he cleans him] 

    Jacques : VoilĂ . He is clean.

  • [Nemo is sleeping, Jacques throws many rocks onto him] 

    Nemo : ...uh... AH.

    [wakes up] 

    Jacques : Suivez-moi.

    [Nemo stares, unsure] 

    Jacques : [returns to clarify]  Follow me.

  • Gill : All right, gang, we have less than 48 hours before Darla gets here. This tank will get plenty dirty in that time, but we have to help it along any way we can. Jacques.

    Jacques : Oui.

    Gill : No cleaning.

    Jacques : I shall resist.

    Gill : Everybody else, be as gross as possible. Think dirty thoughts. We're gonna make this tank so filthy the dentist will HAVE to clean it.

    [Bloat belches] 

    Gill : Good work.

  • Bloat : You must pass through... The ring of Fire.


    Bloat : Turn on The Ring of Fire. The *Ring of Fire*. You said you could do it.

    Jacques : Oops, sorry.

  • Gill : Look at that. Would you look at that? Filthy. Absolutely filthy. And it's all thanks to you, kid. You made it possible. Jacques! I told you not to clean!

    Jacques : I am ashamed.

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