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Renegade mathematician Max Cohen (Sean Gullette, left) and the leader of the Kabbalah sect, Lenny Meyer (Ben Shenkman) have a chance encounter on a Chinatown street corner.Sean Gullette and Pamela Hart in Pi (1998)Mark Margolis in Pi (1998)Sean Gullette in Pi (1998)Darren Aronofsky in Pi (1998)Darren Aronofsky, Sean Gullette, and Matthew Libatique in Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Sean Gullette in Pi (1998)1 sheet1 sheet16 x 21 Mini Movie Poster Quad movie poster 40 x 30Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Permanent Midnight (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Permanent Midnight (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)Pi (1998)
1-48 of 62 photos


A paranoid mathematician searches for a key number that will unlock the universal patterns found in nature.

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