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As I mentioned way back on this post from 2008, as much as I’ve tried to branch out, my tastes are pretty narrow when it comes to reading material.

I’d love to say that I’m broadly well-read when it comes to the more celebrated books of the day, but it’s just not true. If you’re looking to engage in a discussion about today’s most incisive fiction, you’re much better off speaking with my wife (who works in publishing) than one such as I. Truthfully, I’ve pretty much lost my taste for fiction almost entirely. Unless I have some vested interest (like, say, I know the author or it’s about something near and dear to me), I usually cannot muster up the interest to crack the binding.

As a result, whenever I’m perusing through the aisles of a bookstore (when I can still find one,
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Salvatores looks to helm 'Dionisio'

Salvatores looks to helm 'Dionisio'
ROME -- Italian director Gabriele Salvatores has optioned rights to the novel La Scala di Dionisio (Dionysus' Staircase) by Italian author Luca di Fulvio for his next project. Described by Salvatores (Mediterraneo, Nirvana) and producing partner Maurizio Totti of Colorado Films as a period sci-fi thriller in the vein of Blade Runner, the story is set in London on New Year's Eve 1899. Investigator Germinal Milton, while battling his own chemical dependencies, is called into action on the eve of the millennium after a serial killer unleashes his instincts on the wives of a number of rich businessmen. The novel was published by Mondadori and Colorado Noir, the publishing arm of Colorado films, and will be adapted by Salvatores and Carla Vangelista. Salvatores' most recent project, Quo Vadis Baby?, has earned €1.7 million ($2 million) and has been in the top 10 at the Italian boxoffice since its release six weeks ago. No casting has been set for the film, which will be shot in English. Totti said he is eyeing a budget of €30 million ($36 million).

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