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Alternate Versions

Studio Gainax released director cuts versions of episodes 21-24 containing reanimated sequences and new scenes. Rei's death sequence is greatly improved animation wise and is quite different.
When the original Episodes 25 and 26 caused an uproar after airing in Japan, the series' creator announced that there would be an OAV (Original Anime Video) "remaking" the two episodes. This became Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (1997), which is not necessarily a "remake", but an alternate version of the final two episodes.
In the English language version produced by ADV, the weak gunshot sound from when Kaji was shot is replaced by a louder, more definitive one.
The Director's cuts. Look out SPOILERS: Episode 21:
  • Before the opening, and in a way very similar to the movie Death, this scene, where the 2nd Impact is reported.
  • Fuyutsuki living on houseboat: UN agent invites him to join Antarctica expedition to research 2nd Impact.
  • When Fuyutsuki talks about the mysteries around the 2nd Impact, some still images and dialog are added.
  • After this, appears a new scene: when Fuyutsuki is going to confront Gendo regarding the truth of 2nd Impact, he sees Yui on steps of the institute.
  • Yui and Fuyutsuki under a tree with baby Shinji.
  • In the traditional 21st episode, when Naoko Akagi is referring to Yui's death, some flash images are showed. Now in the revised edition, this images are replaced for a single one (at right).
  • Added dialogue when Kaji frees Fuyutsuki from SEELE.
  • Improved animation when Kaji dies.
  • Some scenes are added (but weren't made on purpose for the revised 21st episode) before the famous scene between Misato and her telephone.
Episode 22:
  • This episode opens with a Asuka and Kaji on a battleship en-route for Japan. After this scene, comes the first scene of the regular 22nd episode, but with improved animation.
  • Improved animation with the Eva-02 fixing.
  • Improved animation with Misato talking to Hyuga.
  • New scene: Asuka stands on a platform trying to call someone but is continually disconnected. She turns around and sees Shinji talking and smiling with Rei.
  • After the scene of her phone call with her pseudo-mother, Asuka stands above her draining bath at Misato's apartment and laments over her situation.
  • Improved animation (you can see the new chairs) when Ritsuko and Misato talks.
  • Improved animation when Asuka is in NERV¡s bathroom, and then, when she and Rei are in the elevator (this scene can also be found in the movie "Death")
  • The animation quality of Asuka's battle with the Angel is vastly improved and lots of new images added to make it more deep in some places.
  • When Rei pulls the Spear from Lilith, Lilith grows legs as she did in the film "Death". Then, and interesting thing happens when the Spear is thrown into the 16th Angel. Finally, instead of seeing the Spear pierced in the Moon, we see it spinning.
Episode 23:
  • In the first four scenes of ep23', three of them are improved. The first: Misato listen again Kaji's message. Asuka and Hikari talk. In the improved animation we can see the new "cross legs" of Ritsuko.
  • New footage in Eva-00's battle with the 16th Angel. The first part is mainly composed of improved animation. The second part has big changes
  • Improved animation and details added in the scene where Misato tries to confront Shinji. New scene: Fuyutsuki and Gendo standing before Dummy Plug system after Rei's battle with 16th Angel.
  • Rei III cries... but now with improved animation.
  • The last scene on Evangelion ep23' has lots of big changes.
Episode 24:
  • After the scene where Asuka is running to her mom (with improved animation) there are new one, where Asuka learns about Kaji's death. Following, we got the scene of Asuka sitting in nasty bath water, where the animation is improved.
  • The animation quality of Shinji's first meeting with Kaworu on the beach is improved.
  • Extra dialogue is added in the scene where Kaworu meets Rei.
  • Adam imbedded in Gendo's hand.
  • Kaworu secretly meets SEELE.
  • SEELE's dialogue is altered as Kaworu makes his way to Lilith.
  • On the final scene of Evangelion ep. 24, the animation was improved: the scene is brighter and easier to see.
  • The scene where Kaworu and Shinji are in the shower: we got added animated fog as ambient:
  • The last scene of episode 24, when Shinji and Misato are talking, the reflexion of lights in the water was redone.
ADV's release of the series on DVD replaces the initial episode titles with a plain(er) blank on white version. The translations are the same but they look less professional, losing the placement and the episode number.
ADV began releasing Neon Genesis Evangelion: Platinum Edition on DVD in 2004. Each episode was fully restored visually by Gainax as part of an Evangelion renewal project, cleaning up and slightly lengthening the animation in each episode. Also, the original stereo sound mix for both the Japanese and English language versions were remixed into 5.1 surround sound. Additionally, bits of dialogue in the English language version were rerecorded. Specific examples of this include references Misato makes to "brain damage" that are replaced with "mental contamination" in order to correct a translation error in the original dub, and the dialogue played over the episode previews was completely redone to fit their revised lengths.

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