Secret Ceremony (1968) Poster

Robert Mitchum: Albert



  • Albert : Is your goddamn mother at home? I'm not going to eat you, you silly bitch.

  • Albert : Do you realize that, all over the Australian bush, fathers are bashing their daughters like there's no tomorrow?

  • Albert : You look more like a cow than my late wife, no offense, I'm very fond of cows.

  • Albert : If you don't let her go, she'll get smaller and smaller.

  • Leonora : I had a daughter once, a very unusual child.

    Albert : What happened to her?

    Leonora : She vanished.

    [snaps her fingers] 

  • Albert : [Confronting Leonora on the beach]  You don't look like my late wife at all. She was well-bred and rather frail... except for her famous mammalia - oh, excuse me, that's a private joke in questionable taste. Still, sometimes one has to choose between good taste and being a human being. You look more like a cow than my late wife. Oh, no offense, I'm very fond of cows. "Moooo..." Also, she had no cousins - - I beg your pardon, she had one: James. Obviously, you're not James. What do you want of my daughter?

    Leonora : You have no right to ask me ANY questions!

    Albert : "NO" right? You must be out of your mind! I'm her legal guardian.

    Leonora : No, you're not!

    Albert : Very well, I'm not... not yet. Not *legally.* I've had no time to make the necessary arrangements. I've been away. But I can assure you, I intend to take every step to insure my rights. Warner and Swazey are my attorneys. Who are yours?

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