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Losey creates an atmosphere of deepening claustrophobic menace shot through with episodes of savage black humour.
The Guardian
It is a brilliant, subversive account of class relations and the changing times.
It’s one of the most insightful films ever made about the British class system.
Los Angeles Times
Glaciers might be melting, the polar caps might be crumbling, but not even the passage of half a century has taken the frozen edge off this brilliantly icy film.
Village Voice
Mixing techniques as surely as it mixes class (graceful dolly shots are placed side by side with the handheld photography), the picture's clever formalist juxtapositions evoke the hysterical confusion of a culture in upheaval.
Its account of patrician degradation will cause you to blink your eyes. Although it is only fiction, it wafts a thick and acrid air of smoldering truth.
The Servant is for the most part strong dramatic fare, though the atmosphere and tension is not fully sustained to the end.
Certainly difficult to define, this period piece messes with genres, power relationships and your head.

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