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Poll: Top Messianic Character / Christ Figure

Which of these fictional characters, who replicate the qualities and/or experiences of the biblical Jesus Christ, does it best?

EXCLUDED: Historical and nonfictional individuals, video game characters. LIMITS: Only one character per performer and franchise.

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    The chosen one, death & rebirth, god on earth (i.e. the Avatar state).
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    Aaron Corbett

    The chosen one, leader of followers, tested by evil.
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    Andy Dufresne

    Leader of followers, persecuted, descent into hell (i.e. Shawshank prison).
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    Self-sacrifice, death & rebirth, redeemer.
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    Leader of followers, self-sacrifice, death & rebirth.
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    Taking on others' sins, self-sacrifice, descent into hell (i.e. Bane's prison).
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    Ben Hawkins

    Resurrection of the dead, leader of followers, tested by evil.
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    Buffy Summers

    The chosen one, leader of followers, death & rebirth.
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    Captain Jack Harkness

    Betrayed, death & rebirth, savior of humanity.
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    Jean-Luc Picard

    Self-sacrifice, savior of humanity, leader of followers.
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    Capt. John Sheridan

    Self-sacrifice, death & rebirth, leader of followers.
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    Dean Winchester

    Descent into hell, death & rebirth, martyrdom.
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    Healing, death & rebirth, ascension (to outer space).
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    Healing, leader of followers, redeemer.
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    Leader of followers, death & rebirth, tested by evil.
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    Harry Potter

    The chosen one, leader of followers, death & rebirth.
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    Jeremy 'Powder' Reed

    Resurrection of the dead, persecuted, ascension.
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    John Coffey

    Healing, resurrection of the dead, persecuted.
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    John Connor

    The chosen one, leader of followers, savior of humanity.
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    Leader of followers, persecuted, martyrdom.
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    Luke Skywalker

    Leader of followers, tested by evil, redeemer.
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    Savior of humanity, crucifixion (via exoskeleton), self-sacrifice.
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    Max Guevara

    The chosen one, leader of followers, persecuted.
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    Naruto Uzumaki

    The chosen one, persecuted, leader of followers.
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    The chosen one, savior of humanity, tested by evil.
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    Optimus Prime

    Death & rebirth, leader of followers, savior of [Autobots].
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    Paul Atreides

    The chosen one, leader of followers, god on [Arrakis].
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    R.P. McMurphy

    Leader of followers, persecuted, martyrdom.
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    Reverend Scott

    Leader of followers, self-sacrifice, prophecy (i.e. best means of survival).
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    Death & rebirth, pierced by spear, walks on water.
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    Martyrdom, tested by evil, prophecy (i.e. his death).
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    Goku Jr.

    Savior of humanity, leader of followers, self-sacrifice.
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    Given unto the world by a higher being, self-sacrifice.
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    The Iron Giant

    Persecuted, self-sacrifice, death & rebirth.
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    Will Graham

    Tested by evil, persecuted, betrayed.