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Poll: Characters Featured In Empire And Premiere's Best Characters Lists

In 2004, Both Empire Magazine and Premiere Magazine released their lists of 100 Greatest Film Characters Of All Time. These are the characters that featured in both of these lists. Which one of these characters is your favorite ? Discuss Here

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    Vito Corleone

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    Ellen Ripley

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    Indiana Jones

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    James Bond

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    Dr. Hannibal Lecter

    As Played By Anthony Hopkins
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    John McClane

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    The Dude

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    Captain Jack Sparrow

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    Darth Vader

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    Ace Ventura

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    Roger 'Verbal' Kint

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    Jules Winnfield

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    Forrest Gump

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    Tony Montana

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    Marge Gunderson

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    Rick Blaine

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    Rocky Balboa

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    Freddy Krueger

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    Harry Callahan

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    Tommy DeVito

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    Travis Bickle

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    Atticus Finch

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    Walter Sobchak

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    Charles Foster Kane

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    Ethan Edwards

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    Frank Booth

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    George Bailey