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Poll: Celebrating the Life of Debbie Reynolds

Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds sadly died one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher. She was one of the last members of the old Hollywood contract system, with a career starting at 18 and lasting 66 years. Which of her wonderful characters did you love most?

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    Frances Liberace

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    Jane Hurley

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    Barbara Harmon

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    Nell Nash

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    Charlie Sorel

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    Lily Prescott

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    Berniece Brackett

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    Nana Possible

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    Beatrice Henderson

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    Grandma Mazur

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    Mrs. Claus

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    Lulu Pickles

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    Kathy Selden

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    Susan Beaurgard Landis

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    Tambrey 'Tammy' Tyree

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    Julie Gillis

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    Helen Kane

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    Molly Brown

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    Adelle Bruckner aka Adelle Stuart

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    Bobbi Adler