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Poll: Rude Awakenings

Some of these characters fell into a coma, some went into suspended animation, some just took a nap (accidental or deliberate) They all had a RUDE AWAKENING...Which one from this list is your favorite? WARNING: Possible Spoilers

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    Ellen Ripley

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    Han Solo

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    John Spartan

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    Buck Rogers

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    Captain America

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    Rick Grimes

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    Austin Powers

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    Capt. Daniel McCormick

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    George Taylor

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    Joe Bauers

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    Luc Deveraux

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    Miles Monroe

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    Jason Voorhees

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    David Aames

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    John Robinson

    & crew
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    Leonard Lowe

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    Ichabod Crane

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    The Bride

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    Marty McFly

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    & "the Wolf Pack"
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    Marcus Wright

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    Elizabeth Shaw

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    Jake Sully

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    Dr. Walter Bishop

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    Count Dracula in 'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein'

    And/or any other vampire character
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    Dave Lister

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