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    John Keating

    The unorthodox teacher that tells you to "Carpe Diem!"
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    Sean Maguire

    The psychiatrist that finds the weakness in your genius personality
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    William Forrester

    The lost writer that still has it
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    Andrew Crocker-Harris

    The notorious teacher that once had his beautiful times
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    Jesse Fisher

    The person that's not a teacher, but talks like one
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    Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade

    The "teacher" you find not at school
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    John Nash

    The teacher you can find in the library, inventing theories
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    Arthur Eddington

    The teacher that loves research
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    Dr. Carlock

    The teacher that can find brilliance behind mental illness
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    Ted Mosby

    The funny teacher
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    Will Schuester

    The teacher that always has your back
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    Mr. Anderson

    The teacher that shares the same interest
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    Elizabeth Halsey

    The lazy teacher
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    Linda Sinclair

    The conservative teacher that is confused
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    Miss Stubbs

    The teacher concerned about your future
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    Dewey Finn

    The teacher that rocks
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    Ms. Edmunds

    The beautiful and dreamy teacher
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    Karen Pomeroy

    The teacher that shares interesting literature
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    Sister James

    The young teacher, still learning
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    Deloris Van Cartier

    The teacher that knows how to entertain