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Poll: Awesome Administrative Assistants

Each year, the fourth week of April is designated as Administrative Assistants Week, a week to celebrate admins and secretaries, those "office wives or husbands" you just can't live without. These dedicated workers do all the "scut work" that is necessary for executives to do well in their jobs, and they cover their bosses's butts far more than they receive credit for.

Which of these fictional awesome administrative assistants would you most want watching your back (and answering your phones)?

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    assistant to General Director Preysing - Grand Hotel
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    Nan Prescott

    assistant to Chester Kent - Footlight Parade
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    assistant to Van Stanhope - Wife vs. Secretary
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    assistant to Barney Dexter - Day-Time Wife
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    Kitty Foyle

    assistant to Wyn Strafford - Kitty Foyle
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    Della Street

    assistant to Perry Mason - Perry Mason
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    Marion Crane

    assistant to George Lowery - Psycho
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    Miss Moneypenny

    assistant to M - the Bond movies
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    Jane Hathaway

    assistant to Milburn Drysdale - The Beverly Hillbillies
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    Carol Kester

    assistant to Dr. Robert 'Bob' Hartley - The Bob Newhart Show
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    Jennifer Marlowe

    assistant to Arthur Carlson - WKRP in Cincinnati
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    Doralee Rhodes

    assistant to Franklin Hart, Jr. - 9 to 5
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    Janine Melnitz

    assistant to the Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters
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    assistant to Ed Rooney - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
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    Tess McGill

    assistant to Katharine Parker - Working Girl
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    Waylon Smithers

    assistant to Montgomery Burns - The Simpsons
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    Tag Jones

    assistant to Rachel Green - Friends
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    assistant to Martin Q. Blank - Grosse Pointe Blank
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    Karen Walker

    assistant to Grace Adler - Will & Grace
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    Dolores Landingham

    assistant to President Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet - The West Wing
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    Bridget Jones

    assistant to Daniel Cleaver - Bridget Jones's Diary
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    Lee Holloway

    assistant to Mr. Grey - Secretary
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    Kitty Sanchez

    assistant to George Bluth Sr. - Arrested Development
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    Lloyd Lee

    assistant to Ari Gold - Entourage
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    Pam Beesly

    assistant to The Office - The Office
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    assistant to Jack Donaghey - 30 Rock
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    Cerie Xerox

    assistant to Liz Lemon - 30 Rock
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    Andy Sachs

    assistant to Miranda Priestly - The Devil Wears Prada
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    Peggy Olson

    assistant to Don Draper - Mad Men
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    Miss Blankenship

    assistant to Don Draper - Mad Men
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    Pepper Potts

    assistant to Tony Stark - the Iron Man movies
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    Cheryl Tunt

    assistant to Malory Archer - Archer
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    April Ludgate

    assistant to Ron Swanson - Parks and Recreation
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    Andrew Paxton

    assistant to Margaret Tate - The Proposal