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Poll: Brain Power Boosted

Which of these intelligence-increased characters made the most interesting use of his/her new-found intellectual prowess?

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    Eddie Morra

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    Jobe Smith

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    Aaron Cross

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    Dr. Manhattan

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    Chloe Sullivan

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    Charly Gordon

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    Mr. Medulla

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    Among other things, he learned Kung Fu.
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    The Brain

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    John Garrett

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    Hector Hammond

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    George Malley

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    Dr. Morbius

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    Lyta Alexander

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    Dr. McCoy

    in the Star Trek episode Spock's Brain (20 Sep. 1968)
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    Samuel Sterns

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    Jeremy 'Powder' Reed

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    Number 5

    More input! MORE INPUT!
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    Chuck Bartowski