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Poll: I'd Drink with ...

This is a list of characters who drink alcohol. Who would you like to drink with?? Some may be fun, some may have great story to tell, some may teach good lessons, choose your buddy to drink with. Discuss the list

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    Frank Ricard

    Will Ferrell in Old School
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    Bob Harris

    Bill Murray in Lost in Translation
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    Paul Giamatti in Sideways
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    The Dude

    Jeff Bridges in The Big Lewbowski
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    Han Solo

    Harrison Ford in Star Wars
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    Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa
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    Bad Blake

    Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart
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    Whip Whitaker

    Denzel Washington in Flight
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    Ben Sanderson

    Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas
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    Steve Stifler

    Seann William Scott in American Pie
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    Homer Simpson

    From The Simpsons
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    Ben Braddock

    Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate
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    Peter Griffin

    From Family Guy
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    Woody Grant

    Bruce Dern in Nebraska
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    Dean Martin in Rio Bravo
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    Barney Stinson

    Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother
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    Blake Henderson

    Blake Anderson in Workaholics
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    Adam DeMamp

    Adam DeVine in Workaholics
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    Frank Gallagher

    William H. Macy in Shameless
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    John Hancock

    Will Smith in Hancock
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    Tyrion Lannister

    Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones
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    Norm Peterson

    George Wendt in Cheers
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    Roger Sterling

    John Slattery in Mad Men
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    Ron Swanson

    Nick Offerman in Parks and Recreation
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    Robert 'Bobby' Munson

    Mark Boone Junior in Sons of Anarchy
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    Andy Botwin

    Justin Kirk in Weeds
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    Tony Montana

    Al Pacino in Scarface
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    Rick Blaine

    Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca
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    John Blutarsky

    John Belushi in Animal House
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    Alan Swann

    Peter O'Toole in My Favorite Year
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    Al Swearengen

    Ian McShane in Deadwood
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    Henry Chinaski

    Mickey Rourke in Barfly
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    Martin Crane

    John Mahoney in Frasier
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    Colin Farrell in "In Bruges"
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    W.P. Mayhew

    John Mahoney in Barton Fink