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Poll: Pot of Gold at Oscars for Irish Characters

April 24, 2016 marked the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising and it's declaration of independence in the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. To celebrate Ireland's 100th anniversary, a poll about Irish movie characters. Irish and Irish-Americans have been extremely fortunate when it comes to striking Oscar gold. While the Oscars doesn't keep records on movie character ethnicity; an informal study estimates about 16-24% of Oscar nominees and winners played movie characters of Irish descent.

Which Oscar winning movie character of Irish descent* is your favorite? * character ethnicity determined by historical fact, story line, character back story or surname assumption

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    Maggie Fitzgerald

    2005 Best Actress Oscar
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    Sean Maguire

    1998 Best Supporting Actor Oscar
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    Jim Malone

    1988 Best Supporting Actor Oscar
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    Dicky Eklund

    2011 Best Supporting Actor Oscar
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    Hugh Glass

    2016 Best Actor Oscar
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    1940 Best Actress Oscar
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    Velma Kelly

    2003 Best Supporting Actress Oscar
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    Alice Howland

    2015 Best Actress Oscar aka Alice Daly-Howland
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    Terry Malloy

    1955 Best Actor Oscar
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    Det. Jimmy 'Popeye' Doyle

    1972 Best Actor Oscar
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    Father Edward J. Flanagan

    1939 Best Actor Oscar
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    R.P. McMurphy

    1976 Best Actor Oscar
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    Christy Brown

    1990 Best Actor Oscar
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    Mrs. Brown

    1990 Best Supporting Actress Oscar
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    Carol Connelly

    1998 Best Actress Oscar
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    Father Chuck O'Malley

    1945 Best Actor Oscar
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    Father Fitzgibbon

    1945 Best Supporting Actor Oscar
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    Dave Boyle

    2004 Best Supporting Actor Oscar
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    Addie Pray

    1974 Best Supporting Actress Oscar
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    Macaulay Connor

    1941 Best Actor Oscar
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    Helen Keller

    1963 Best Supporting Actress Oscar
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    Annie Sullivan

    1963 Best Actress Oscar
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    Flora McGrath

    1994 Best Supporting Actress Oscar
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    Ada McGrath

    1994 Best Actress Oscar
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    Joe Kelly

    1958 Best Supporting Actor Oscar
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    Edie Doyle

    1955 Best Supporting Actress Oscar
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    1971 Best Supporting Actor Oscar
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    Boss Finley

    1963 Best Supporting Actor Oscar
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    Belinda McDonald

    1949 Best Actress Oscar
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    Oscar Muldoon

    1955 Best Supporting Actor Oscar
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    Molly O'Leary

    1938 Best Supporting Actress
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    Rufus Hannassey

    1959 Best Supporting Actor Oscar
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    Alice Ward

    2011 Best Supporting Actress Oscar
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    June Carter

    2006 Best Actress Oscar