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Poll: I Want an Eternal Life!

If you want immortality, how would you get it?

Discuss your way here.

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    Lord Voldemort

    Creating horcruxes.
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    Emperor Han

    Search the lost Shangri-La and drink from the Pool of Eternal Life.
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    Count Dracula in 'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein'

    Turn into Vampire.
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    Get to use 100% of brain capacity.
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    Doc Benton

    Played by Billy Drago. Replace your damage body by adding other people organ to your body.
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    Stealing life force from children.
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    Dorian Gray

    Sold your soul and make your portrait age and fade instead of yourself.
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    Grail Knight

    Search for the Lost Holy Grail and drinks from it.
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    Madeline Ashton

    Drink serum of eternal youth.
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    Davy Jones

    Have Davy Jones' Heart.
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    Mother Gothel

    Stealing a child so you can live off the power of her hair.
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    Tetsuo Shima

    By becoming a galaxy.
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    Countess Elizabeth Bathory

    Kill virgin girls and baths their blood.