Le Guetteur Movie Review

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Le Guetteur Movie Review
Title: Le Guetteur Director: Michele Placido Starring: Danieul Auteuil, Mathieu Kassovitz, Olivier Gourmet, Francis Renaud, Nicolas Briançon, Jérôme Pouly de la Comédie Française, Violante Placido, Luca Argentero. The established Italian director and actor, Michele Placido, defines his new film as the French version of ‘Romanzo Criminale’ (a popular Italian criminal drama, whose movie version was directed by Placido, and was eventually made into a television series). But the director’s high hopes don’t match the actual outcome. The cinematography of Arnaldo Catinari is beautiful, dark and overbearing, but it clashes tremendously with the director’s style of shooting, that resembles that used for television, with very tight close-ups. The screenplay, written by Cedric [ Read More ]

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